SCALAMID cladding board

SCALAMID cladding board is a high-class decorative finishing of the external part of the building. Due to its properties, it can be used as a facade panel. SCALAMID does not discolor and does not fade, even in the case of long-term exposure to UV rays. The material is not subject to any damage or deformation of the structure under the influence of extreme temperatures (from -40˚C to +60˚C). SCALAMID panels provide very good thermal and acoustic insulation of the building. The composition of the material also ensures good air circulation, preventing the formation of molds or fungi.

It is possible to order a SCALAMID panel covered with a self-cleaning layer, which significantly reduces the costs of maintenance of the facade, limiting it to washing the panels only.

Digital prints & Monocolors

Using SCALAMID as a facade panel you gain not only a high quality decorative finish, but also the protection of the building against pollution and pests. SCALAMID does not discolor or fade when exposed to UV radiation, even extreme temperatures ( -50 ˚C to +85 ˚C ) do not damage the material, deform or distort the structure.

You can adjust the size of the SCALAMID panel, its color, pattern or texture to the investment requirements.



Design flexibility

Our product portfolio around both the ‘Monocolor & Design collections’ is easy to read, close to market needs and available with short delivery times and with low minimal order quantity. They are available in standard colours and looks such as wood, stone, concrete & rust. They are fully customizable, accommodating any size, shape, perforation, milling, printing, and unique applications and layouts.

Bespoke colours & designs are available for endless possibilities with short delivery times.

Durability & quality

Durable material with a long lasting warranty, anti-graffiti protection on Design collection, resistance to extreme temperatures and a ventilated facade system for enhanced durability.

Expert services

Benefit from over 120 years of experience (Scalamid is now a brand of Etex group),  expert consultations at every project stage and a wealth of online technical resources.


We prioritize safety with materials* that have top tier safety standards and achieve a minimum of A2,s1-d0 reaction to fire classification across the full range, robust structure classification, and zero harmful emissions.


Scalamid panels are resource efficient by nature. They are thin, lightweight and modular and they are easy to add, remove, adapt, replace and dismantle for recycling.

Technical data


Facade boards FAB3200 x 1200 x 8 mm
2500 x 1200 x 8 mm
Samples100×200 mm – Monocolors
302×392 mm – Digital designs

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