Scalamid in Estonia

Scalamid is now a global brand. Here is one example.

Together with our partner, Bestor Grupp, we launched a marketing campaign in Estonia. In this country Scalamid is also used in construction.

Estonia is located at the Baltic Sea, so travelling from Poland we would have to cross Lithuania and Latvia. But Scalamid also made its way to this country – for example we appeared on a popular local TV station. Here are some of the projects. The harbour café was designed by architect Maarja Nummert. The decors used were: 484 wild rust and N 902 gray.

The second building shown is a private house in Rapla, where decor 426 concrete light was used.

Bestor Grupp has been around for 27 years, has a large distribution network in Estonia and also operates in Helsinki. Two showrooms can be found in the capital Tallinn and the city of Tartu which has a population of around 100,000.

Scalamid is distributed not only in Estonia, but also in Canada, India, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, Italy, Serbia and Ukraine. More countries will soon join this group.

Photo: Rando Ojo

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