Overcoming the limitations in architecture – Scalamid seminar

Finally we can meet in bigger groups – to inspire, to discuss, to inform, to help architects in their work. With the support of Virtus Studio, we organised a seminar entitled: “Limitations in architecture. How to overcome them”. The headliners of the seminar were Dorota Szlachcic of ArC2 and the Scalamid brand.

Scalamid is a unique material – large-format panels on which it is possible to apply virtually all kinds of graphics. This makes it possible to turn even the most daring visions of architects into reality. An example of this is Orientarium in the zoo in Łódź. Swimming elephants portrayed on Scalamid panels are very impressive. The visitors will be able to see them for themselves this autumn, when the building will be opened to the public.

Dorota Szlachcic, who specialises in zoological projects, talked about this amazing project. The co-owner of ArC2 also analysed how to overcome limitations in architecture, which are not uncommon. In fact, a lot depends on creativity, flexibility of the architect’s vision and, of course, the choice of the right materials.

The seminar was attended by nearly 30 people, who, we hope, left The Bridge hotel in Wrocław full of inspiration. We do not intend to stop at this one small event. After the peak of summer holidays in July and August we will invite you to another interesting event. What? How? Where? What for? And why? Find out more on our blog soon.

In the meantime, you can download the presentations from the meeting.

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