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"Quality, innovation and development" these simple words perfectly summarize more than a quarter of a century of our activity.

SCALAMID is a new brand of POZBRUK company with nearly 35 years of experience in the production of concrete prefabricated elements.

POZBRUK, established in 1985, gradually transformed from a workshop into one of the largest manufacturing companies in the construction industry in Poland. We have modern machine parks in 5 factories in central, north-western and western Poland. Our motto has always been quality, and it is this that has led us to produce aggregates for our products ourselves, in our own aggregate mines; in order to keep the raw materials supplied clean, we have purchased our own railway rolling stock.


We are distinguished by technology and innovation.

We are constantly looking for new technologies and new solutions – versatile SCALAMID cladding panels are one of the proofs.

The emphasis on quality, innovation and development has become the basis for all activities related to the functioning of our company – from the selection of personnel, through the creation of modern technological facilities and the preparation of the concept of a unique product, to professional customer service.

We have built a strong and competitive brand, outstanding products and, most importantly, unquestionable trust among our customers. Trust, which is the most important value for us.


Beginning of activity

The first five years of its history have seen the development of a small family company, a concrete mixing plant producing foundation blocks on vibrating tables. The purchase of a technological line for the production of concrete pipes has become a milestone in the company's development.


Start of production of POZ-BRUK paving blocks

In 1990, the owner decided to invest the profit earned and to take out a loan for the purchase of technology for the production of concrete blocks of paving. The first automated production plant was established in Janikowo, near Poznań.


Leading position on the Wielkopolska market

Success on the regional market contributed to the decision to expand to other cities. In 1999, the production plant in Kalisz was opened


MUROTHERM - process lines for the production of pre-tensioned prestressed concrete

In 2001, the MUROTHERM construction system was launched on the market, based on prefabricated precast concrete bearing elements and expanded clay concrete blocks.


Construction and opening of a production plant in Szczecin

In 2002, another production plant was established in Szczecin and a factory in Gorzów, to which transport takes place by water.


PRESSTONE creation of modern technological lines and premium products

A modern, innovative technological line for the production of PRESSTONE façade and floor panels is launched in 2005. Soon, the PRESTONE product range will expand.


25 years of company’s activity

Parallel to the territorial development, the company expands its logistics and operations to include the extraction of raw materials. Three aggregates mines are built.


H-plus Hydrophobic protection technology as standard

The Company has been involved in charity and sports sponsorship for many years. Tennis is a particularly supported area. For the last ten years in August, the second most important International Championship of Wielkopolska POZ BRUK Open has been held. The biggest tennis centre in Wielkopolska, CTS, was opened to celebrate the 25 years of activity. The use of h-plus technology radically influences the material parameters and brings real benefits: minimised absorbability, resistance to icing inhibitors, slower growth of microorganisms, easy maintenance and cleaning, increased durability of products.


NANO - groundbreaking method of surface protection

Since the beginning of its activity, POZBRUK products have been distinguished by their uncompromising quality. The company uses the latest available quality assurance methods and continues to set a high level of competition. Technologies of curing components with the use of electromagnetic radiation resistance of products to external factors. The nano-protected surface has outstanding liquid repellence properties. Nanoparticles fill tightly with unevenness of the surface, thanks to which the absorbability is reduced to a minimum.


Extension of the range to include the GARDEO garden architecture collection

Stylish walls inspired by broken stone are a novelty in the offer of POZBRUK company. The GARDEO collection, which includes elements for the construction of walls, columns, steps and palisades, enables unlimited variants of garden arrangements. Since 1 August, the first in a series of three preparations - a surface cleaner - has been introduced to the market, which has been long awaited by customers. REDUKTOR restores pavement and Presstone pavement to its former glory. Also recommended for Gardeo. Removes heavy dirt and blooms. MIĘDZYCHODZKA POMONA is a company where the tradition of food production dates back to 1904. On February 2012, the food company in Miedzychód became a member of the POZ BRUK Sp. z o.o. capital group. S.K.A. The aim of the investor is to refresh the brand, which has existed for over a hundred years in the processing industry and is associated with high quality products.



UNIWERSAL is a daily care product for cobblestones. The liquid cleans light dirt and refreshes colours. CHWAST-OUT - quick and easy to use product, removes moss and prevents its further growth.


Start of construction of a printed fibre-cement panel factory

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