Apartments with a sea view

Apartamenty z widokiem na morze Shellter Hotel & Apartments in Rogowo is a hotel and apartment complex. In this seaside town, a number of apartments are being built with a view of the surrounding nature. They impress with their simple and elegant form. The project was prepared by an award-winning architectural group Głębowski Studio Tomasz… Continue reading Apartments with a sea view

Archipelago of Beauty in Scalamid

The very name of Archipeleg Piekna (i.e. Archipelago of Beauty) brings to mind… beauty. We are particularly pleased that the walls, floors and façade of this unique building are covered with Scalamid panels. At Archipelag Piękna there is a specific, uniquely positive atmosphere. Here you can enjoy various facial treatments such as massage, cleansing, tissue… Continue reading Archipelago of Beauty in Scalamid

Scalamid in Estonia

Dom prywatny w miejscowości Rapla (Estonia).

Scalamid is now a global brand. Here is one example. Together with our partner, Bestor Grupp, we launched a marketing campaign in Estonia. In this country Scalamid is also used in construction. Estonia is located at the Baltic Sea, so travelling from Poland we would have to cross Lithuania and Latvia. But Scalamid also made… Continue reading Scalamid in Estonia