Children’s Health Centre of Wielkopolska

This is going to be an important moment for parents from all over Wielkopolska. By the end of 2021, the Children’s Health Centre of Wielkopolska is to be opened. The building is decorated with the largest ventilated façade in Poland that measures 20 thousand m2. It is made of Scalamid and was designed by Industria Project.

The most important advantage of a ventilated façade is that it allows the entire wall to breathe, which reduces the risk of condensation. – This type of façade also ensures constant temperature and water vapour pressure, which in turn makes it possible to achieve the favourable thermal parameters required by building regulations – says Maciej Domański, the managing director of Scalamid brand. – This gives architects the chance to combine effective insulation with beautiful design of the building. Ventilated façades can be used in new, modern buildings but also in the existing, slightly older ones that often require thorough modernisation.

An additional advantage of this type of façade is the ease of joining and the compatibility of façade materials. Scalamid, a new Polish technology that is gaining recognition not only abroad but also in Poland, was used in the construction of Children’s Health Centre of Wielkopolska.

Forget boredom

Many parents, not only from Poznań, well remember sleeping on the floor in crowded rooms of children’s hospitals. The situation is supposed to change at Children’s Health Centre of Wielkopolska – one of the most modern paediatric facilities in Poland. Here are just a few figures: 350 patients, 9 wards, 7 levels, an area of 36,000 m2, single rooms, a dedicated ER ward, a project value of over 426 million PLN.

Thanks to the façade made of Scalamid, the perception of this type of “architecturally boring” buildings is changing. Until now such buildings used to be seen as ugly, architecturally dull objects. Just looking at them evoked negative feelings. And yet, when you’re ill, even a little beauty is worth its weight in gold and inspires optimism. In this case there will be a lot of visual pleasure, combined with many practical features.

Global brand

– The choice of Scalamid façade panels as the cladding material for the Children’s Health Centre of Wielkopolska was dictated primarily by the high quality of the material. The technical parameters significantly exceeded the architects’ expectations. Safety should be a priority in any building – Scalamid provides it one hundred per cent, with fire resistance class A1 (i.e. non-flammability). Another important factor is the warranty period of the product, which in this case is 15 years. It is worth noting that our strength is the comprehensive nature of our services. We try to be not only a product supplier, but, and this is extremely important, a partner that works in a team to achieve the best possible visual and practical effect, says Maciej Domański from Scalamid.

It is worth noting that Scalamid is a Polish brand which originates from a Poznań-based company Pozbruk. Local and regional patriotism plays an important role here alongside purely business elements. After all, one should support local products, especially if the quality to price ratio is good. The distance between the Children’s Health Centre of Wielkopolska and the Scalamid factory is just over 10 kilometres, so one can safely say that the people of Wielkopolska act together. Nevertheless, Scalamid is already a global brand.

We can already admire the largest ventilated façade in Poland – in Poznań at ul. Wrzoska. The hospital is to be put into operation by the end of 2021. We hope you will not have to “go sightseeing” for health reasons.

Photos: Pozbruk archives

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