18 facts about Scalamid facade panels

Płyty fasadowe Scalamid

When hearing the term Scalamid, many people ask themselves: where and why to use this type of façade panel. We decided to gather the most important facts in one place.

  1. Scalamid façade panels can be used to finish both the exterior and interior of buildings.
  2. They are resistant to biological corrosion, chemicals and changing weather conditions.
  3. Modern printing technology makes it possible to produce a variety of shades and patterns and to apply almost any graphic design on them.
  4. Resistance to UV rays, confirmed by tests, allows to avoid discoloration, which is obviously important in terms of durability.
  5. Scalamid panels are an excellent acoustic barrier and provide noise reduction of 19 dB.
  6. The self-cleaning layer significantly reduces the costs of façade maintenance – if applied, the panels only need to be washed (if necessary).
  7. The strength of Scalamid panels is combined with a delicate appearance and elegant design.
  8. They are delivered in box pallets, in application format, calibrated and, in the case of mono-colours, have factory-protected edges in a colour compatible with the surface.
  9. The manufacturer’s guarantee for Scalamid façade panels is 15 years.
  10. Our 8 mm thick products can be installed using either the invisible mechanical fixing system, glue or the visible mechanical fixing system – rivets.
  11. FAB façade panels come in a large format: 3200x1200x8 mm, 2500x1200x8 mm, which of course is their additional advantage.
  12. WAB interior panels come with a prefabricated tongue-and-groove system.
  13. SID facade boards are available in sizes 3200x230x8 mm.
  14. We go for eco-friendly products and the Scalamid panels are exactly that. Caring for the environment is particularly important to us.
  15. We do not use any stabilisers based on heavy metals.
  16. Check if the product matches your concept and test it yourself. This will prevent problems later on. Samples with applied decors measure 297x420x8 mm (1/32 of the panel).
  17. Poland, Europe, the rest of the world – Scalamid knows no geographical boundaries and is used by customers in a growing number of countries.
  18. A ventilated façade composed of Scalamid panels on an aluminium substructure and mineral wool ensures that the entire façade cladding has the highest reaction-to-fire classification – A1.
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