• Facade

    SCALAMID is an innovative material produced from mineral raw materials and natural fibres in the form of large format façade panels. Thanks to digital printing technology the material offers architects and designers unlimited possibilities of creating their surroundings.

  • Wall

    Large format SCALAMID panels give the room a modern look. The possibility of applying digital print technology allows designers to create unconventional interiors.

  • Floor

    Because of their large format and digital printing, SCALAMID panels make it possible to create floors in unique designs. Innovative material made of mineral raw materials and natural fibres guarantees quiet use and excellent thermal performance, leaving the traditional solutions behind.


SCALAMID cladding board is a high-class decorative finishing of the external part of the building.

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SCALAMID panels are perfect for such rooms as bathroom, kitchen, living room, hall but also in hotel lobby or office.

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SCALAMID floor panels are not only easy to install (Click system), but can also be used in combination with underfloor heating.

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Large format cladding boards of natural components.

Freedom of creation and multiplicity of applications
SCALAMID is a modern and innovative material manufactured from mineral raw materials and natural fibres. It is offered in a wide range of sizes, designs, colours and textures.

SCALAMID fibre-cement panels with digital printing are suitable for installation on facades, walls and floors. Their wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors, as well as their competitive price make them increasingly popular. SCALAMID is the answer to the needs of those who want to bring a breath of fresh air to their building and interior design projects and create original solutions.

SCALAMID – modern and innovative material

Material tailored to your needs

Are you planning a traditional finishing, or maybe an extraordinary, tailor-made project? Regardless of the investment’s vision, the selection of SCALAMID boards ensures that the dimensions, colour, pattern and texture of the board are adjusted to the investment requirements.

The main advantage of the material is the multitude of structures and colours in which the panel can be manufactured. The possibility of product personalization is limited only by the designer’s imagination.

This gives a unique opportunity to finish interiors, facades or other external surfaces with one material tailored to the customer’s needs, which definitely translates into harmony of the investment and optimization of the implementation cost.

For Architects

Thanks to its flexibility, impact resistance and high abrasion resistance (AC5), SCALAMID is not susceptible to damage and chipping during transport, assembly and daily use. Extremely durable, non-combustible (- fire class A1) and resistant to detergents and chemicals, SCALAMID leaves traditional competitors behind (e.g. stoneware, standard panels, panelling or natural stone).